When I bought this chest of drawers it had been painted with white gloss paint and removing the handles revealed that originally it was a cream colour. I decided on grey paint with white stencilling on the drawers and gave it a bit of a bone in-lay vibe using the Rajasthan and Neemrana Border stencils.

The drawer pulls were not original and one of rings was missing, so they all needed to be replaced and I chose a lovely white ceramic handle with a grey crackle effect.

Hopefully the drawers will stay like this for some time, although at some point in the future somebody else may well paint them again. There is something intriguing about that, what will the next transformation look like? I don’t really mind that my work may be painted over in the future, it is all in the spirit of conserving our resources, being less wasteful and re-inventing.

Admittedly, I have stencilled my name and the Jaipur stencil on the back though, so maybe I mind a little bit…….

white drwersdrawers closegrey drawer pullsfinished grey drawergrey drawers back#stencils #nicolettetabramstencils #paintedfurniture

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Best Laid Plans

Last week I made a trip up to my parents house to collect two vintage bureaux which they
had bought and were storing in their lock up. The plan was to arrive for lunch, stencil some cupboards in the freshly decorated guest room, load the car with the two pieces of furniture, and drive home the following morning….

I did arrive for lunch and I drove home the following morning, but the bit about stencilling the cupboards or even loading the two pieces of furniture went slightly awry!

We made the fatal error of just popping to the furniture warehouse after lunch. The result being that I bought four gorgeous Priory chairs for my own home. After much wrestling with the furniture my dad and I eventually conceded that although my beaten up old car  possesses Tardis like qualities, there are limits!

The bureau which I did mange to bring home was painted and stencilled the following day. The exterior is a lovely soft grey and the drop down desk is stencilled using the Kota, Jaipur and Neemrana stencils. By late Saturday morning it was safely installed in my unit at Hertfordshire Craft Collective, by late Saturday afternoon it was sold!

Needless to say another trip is planned for the near future to collect the remaining bureau.


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How To Stencil A Wooden Chair

One of the great things about my chair being featured in Country Living Magazine is that I have sold stencils to a lot of people who are complete stencil novices.

This post is for all of you first timers, I hope it helps and I hope it shows you how incredibly easy it is to achieve good results!

1) You will need:

wooden chair/chairs


paint for stencilling

stencil brush

spray adhesive or low tack tape


2) Wipe the chair to remove any marks, grease or dust. You can paint the chair in advance or stencil directly onto the wood.

mm3) Lay the stencil on the seat of the chair and cut off the corners if necessary.

tt4) If using spray adhesive, give the stencil a very light covering on the back in a well ventilated area. Lay the stencil in position on the chair and gently smooth over so that it has adhered to the chair. Alternatively apply tape to either side of the stencil.

pp5) Dip the tip of the dry stencil brush into the paint, and remove any excess on the paint pot lid, a piece of paper or even the corner of the stencil. It is very important not to have too much paint on the brush or it will bleed underneath the holes in the stencil.

6) Using a circular motion, apply the paint carefully to the stencil. nn7) Once complete, carefully lift the stencil. You do not have to wait for the paint to dry.

zzvv8) Wether you need to wax or varnish the seat will depend on the type of paint you have used.

9) It’s as easy as that. Good luck!
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Country Living Magazine and a Stencilled Chair.

One of my stencilled chairs is featured in Country Living Magazine this month.

It is so simple to create a set of these chairs using the Janpath Stencil. You can still pick up old wooden chairs very cheaply and although sets of chairs tend to be a bit more expensive, a group of mismatched chairs could easily be turned into a ‘set’ by painting and stencilling them.

This chair has been painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in Aubusson, the Janpath Stencil was then added using Old White. Finally, it was finished with a couple of coats of matt varnish.

Scan 5[1]DSC_0019Janpath StenciljanpathNicolette Tabram Chair 1


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Good To Go

A few years ago I painted a nest of tables which was bought by somebody living in the USA. They had to pay more for the shipping costs than they did for the actual tables! Painted black with white stencilling, I used the image of the tables on my business card. A little while ago somebody asked me if I had anything similar and as I didn’t, it struck me that I should paint another set, not exactly the same, just similar.

Yesterday I popped out for food and returned with cat food, coffee beans and a nest of mid 20th century tables. That’s not unusual for me!

After a couple of coats of paint I stencilled the tables using a different design for each one, adding lots of pattern but keeping it simple with a monochrome colour palette. Protected by a couple of coats of very matt varnish, these tables are good to go. The question is, good to go where?!

You can find the stencils here


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A Stencilled Floor

This weekend was meant to be spent doing very little, a lie-in, a late breakfast, a walk in a wood, none of it (well actually I did manage a walk in a wood!). I envy people who can allow themselves to do nothing, it is a skill which I do not possess.

For a while now I have wanted to stencil a floor in my house and by 8.30 am on Sunday morning I found myself on my hands and knees on my toilet floor! As it is a tiny space, it seemed like a good place to begin.

The floor had already been boarded underneath the old lino and that provided the perfect base for a couple of coats of quick drying white floor paint. The border design was stencilled first using the Neemrana Border Stencil. Once completed I measured the width of the floor and marked the centre point. Beginning at the end of the floor nearest the door I positioned the Kota Stencil and then worked back towards the wall. The base of the pedestal was taped with low tack tape in order to protect it from the stencil paint and once dry it was painted with a couple of coats of matt varnish for protection.

I am very happy with my stencilled floor but it has only really whet my appetite and I think the staircase may be at risk next!

bathroom 2bathroom 3bathroom floor 1

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Stencilled Floors

I am completely in love with stencilled floors at the moment and have a real hankering to paint one in my own home. Our house has stripped floorboards downstairs, whilst the boards upstairs are painted white, they are just ripe for a bit of stencilling!

Here are some of my favourite stencilled floors which I have found on Pinterest. I’d love to know which is your favourite!
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