Christmas is Coming

I have been busy stencilling my Christmas cards and tags over the past few weeks. The stencils have been selling well in the shop and I am going to be using them on my Christmas Crafting workshop next week as well.

Last year I used my tree design to create individual paper cuts for all of my cards. It took an age but they did look lovely. Thankfully stencilling is a much quicker process! I have done lots of red on white cards which look great too, but I am going for a black and white themed Christmas this year. They have been created using either Annie Sloan Old White or Emperor Red chalk paint.

Here are a few photos.

You can buy the stencils from my Etsy shop here

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About nicolette/tabram

I am a designer living in London with a love pattern and paint. I design stencils which are inspired by my travels around the world.
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2 Responses to Christmas is Coming

  1. vicki sabatini says:

    These all look great, Nicolette! What’s the address of your shop? I hafta go.

  2. nicolette/tabram says:

    Thanks Vicki. It’s
    upstairs at Little Willows
    9 High St
    HA5 5PJ

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