A Simple ‘How To’ Video Using the Bergen Border Stencil.

I am always telling people how easy it is to work with stencils, because the pattern has already been created within the stencil. It is my belief that by following a few simple rules and using the right tools, anybody can achieve great results.

Good quality stencils are much easier to work with than cheap flimsy options and they can be used repeatedly. I always coat the back of my stencils with a spray adhesive so that they adhere to the surface as this significantly reduces the risk of the paint bleeding beneath the stencil.

I prefer to use a stencil brush rather than a foam roller because it allows more control and uses a lot less paint. It may take a little longer to apply the paint, but the technique of rotating the brush onto the surface is calming and therapeutic.

This You Tube video is aimed at beginners and shows you how I approach stencilling. The film has been speeded up in places for obvious reasons, but in reality when tackling your own projects, just take your time and enjoy the process