New Stencil Kits

Recently, I have had some time to focus on my stencil business and think about ideas for new stencil products. During the pandemic lock down there has been a huge increase in the number of people searching for craft kits online. This is unsurprising, as with more time at home, many of us  have been searching for activities which will absorb our minds and take us to calm, worry free place.

I have spent the past few weeks sourcing boxes, paints, and pots, liaising with printers and stencilling tea towels like crazy.

My intention was to make the kits a good quality with lots of scope for creativity. The stencils are single motifs which can be repeated to create lots of different patterns from borders to all over  patterns.

Once the tea towel has been finished, there will be plenty of fabric paint remaining for other textile based projects and the stencil and brush can be used for furniture, floors and walls.

Folk 1Folk kit contentsFolk stencil in useFolk Tea towelSamode 1Samode kit contentsSamode stencil in useSamode Tea towel