Modern Stencils: Publication Day

The last post on the blog was about how my book Modern Stencils came to be. Today is publication day and so here is a piece about the content of the book.

When I first began using stencils, they were specifically for use on the furniture I was painting, but stencils can be used on so many surfaces and the projects in the book reflect that. There are a lot of fabric projects including tea towels, curtains, bed linen, a denim jacket and more. There are projects for floors and walls and some less obvious items like a retro skate board, coasters and tiles.

The book includes 8 pre-cut stencils, with templates for all other stencils so that you can cut your own. Most of the stencils which are not pre-cut are also available to buy online from

At the front of the book, there are lots of tips and basic techniques for successful stencilling, based on my own experiences and mistakes. If you haven’t stencilled anything before, this book will guide you through, if you are more experienced, there are plenty of more challenging projects.

I hope that those of you who buy Modern Stencils will, like me, catch the stencilling bug and discover that, not only is it easy to do, but it is also a relaxing, absorbing way to spend to creative time.




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