Turkish Delight

Just back from our first trip to Turkey in 20 years. Needless to say there have been a lot of changes since we first visited. Certainly Bodrum has more conspicuous wealth and in places the music seemed a lot louder, but maybe that’s because I am older and searching for a little peace!

The place is still truly beautiful and we had a great time snorkelling in the quiet bays, visiting the island of Kos in Greece and eating lovely food. The peaches were amazing, you could taste the sunshine and I am missing the delicious slightly salty yoghurt drink called Ayran already. I discovered it by accident when I mistook it for a carton of milk and put it into my tea!

Our apartment was surrounded by Jasmine, Bougainvillea, Olive and Pomegranate trees. The smell of the Jasmine in the evening was heavenly.

Because the weather is so hot and dry during the summer months, there are a lot of pieces of furniture which are just left outside. All of the following photos show lovely things which were left outside shops or in people’s yards and there are a couple of photos of lovely doors found on the island of  Kos.

_DSC0154   IMG_0171      IMG_0275 IMG_0262IMG_0167 IMG_0166Tomorrow, I will be posting a piece about an inspiring woman I met called Stella.