Lodi Stencilled Chair And Some News

I have been very busy behind the scenes recently and my big news is that I am opening a shop in Pinner where I will work, sell and run workshops from. Very exciting for me, but so much to do before I open on September 30th. There will be more on this later.

One of my big jobs is to build up some stock. I have had this lovely chair in my studio for a while now and this morning decided that its turn for reinvention had arrived.

The chair is a beautiful shape, but was painted in that shiny cherry red varnish which I dislike so much. I began by painting a coat of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Antoinette and I must admit that it looked so lovely, I nearly left it at that, but I decided to continue with my original plan. I used Graphite paint for the second coat and then using Pure, I painted the stencil design using my Lodi Stencil. I gave it a gentle sanding to reveal just a little hint of the Antoinette hiding beneath. Two layers of clear wax and a light buffing.

This chair looks so lovely in my house that it will be hard to put it in the shop, but honestly, I think my family can’t wait for me to move some of my furniture out of the house.

You can buy the chair from here, or if you want to create your own version, you can buy the Lodi Stencil from here.