Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop

I ran an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class on Saturday morning in the workshop above the shop. The class was full and the women were lovely (I never have any men attending!) They arrived at 10:00am and we worked our way through the basic paint techniques, working on wooden boards for the duration of the morning.

The workshop had gone really well and to be honest, I had thoroughly enjoyed it myself. I love teaching, I love passing on information and I love meeting new people and finding out  a little about their lives.

Towards the end of the workshop I suggested that the women spend some time experimenting with the paints. I stood back a little and let them get on with it, answering questions and opening tins of paint. It was fantastic to see their enthusiasm as they mixed and blended colours, making notes and generally getting excited. It struck me that what I really like about teaching is the bit after you have done your job, when you see what people do with the information you have given them.

Here are some photos.