A Responsibility

For  a few years now I have been making pictures from broken and vintage jewellery. When the shop first opened, I was concentrating more on the stencils, paint and furniture and time being what it is, the pictures fell by the way side. I had a few left in the studio at the end of the garden and decided to take them into the shop. To my surprise, they sold really well.

Yesterday an older woman came into see me with a small plastic bag tied in a knot. She told me that she often passed the shop and admired the pictures in the window. Untying the knotted bag she asked me if I would be able to make use of the beads within. One little bag contained the remains of a pearl necklace, the string having perished over time. The other contained a broken necklace of twisted pearl and glass beads. She explained that a long time ago after dropping heavy hints to her fiancé about how much she loved the necklace, he had bought it for her as a present. I offered to make them into a picture for her, but she declined and said she was just really happy that they would be put to good use.

This is the second time that somebody has bought something precious into the shop to give to me to use. Another woman has given me a box full of gold leaf and art tools which with age she is no longer able to use, but didn’t want to throw away. I feel a big responsibility to use these very personal possessions carefully,but also feel very touched that they have decided to give them to me.

I will make several new pictures using the beads, they will hopefully be bought and the beads will be given a new lease of life in their reinvented form. In such a throw away society, that gives me a good warm feeling.