A Responsibility Continued

As I sold out of heart pictures in the shop last week, I treated myself to a day in my little studio making some more.

I do love to know where my creations are going to end up and what occasion they have been bought for. Last week there were Mother’s Day purchases, a 15th Wedding anniversary, a house warming present from a mother to her daughter for her first home and very sweetly a man who spontaneously bought one for his wife just because her knew she would love it (I hope she did!)

In the new pictures, I have used some of the pearl beads given to me by the lady who popped into the shop a couple of weeks ago. The necklace was a present from her fiance  many years ago. I wonder where they will end up next.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures they have been used in, reused, reinvented and hopefully soon to be reloved!pictues picture close up