Creativity Versus Commerciality

One of the (many) reasons I left my well paid design job for a life of financial uncertainty,  was because of a growing need to fulfil my creative urges and a rejection of the need to be “on trend”.

I think that any creative person who needs to earn a living will always struggle with the tension between creativity versus commerciality. I recently set up a unit at The Hertfordshire Craft Collective in Radlett and in a bid to make it a commercially viable space, I painted some pieces in grey and white, a colour combination which normally I love. In situ however, it all looked a bit dull and a bit safe.

Creativity has taken precedence over commerciality this week and I am going to completely change the space. Here are some of the pieces I am going to be using.Nicolette Tabram Designs Bureau 5desk2chairsstoolprovence1




  1. Forget grey and go for the heart fluttering wow moments instead! They actually can be commercial too cos if it makes you feel like that you usually find a reason to buy it! x

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