A Few Mistakes

When I began working on this cupboard I didn’t really know what I was doing. Never having used Relief Stencil Paste before, this piece has been a bit of a journey of discovery. Now, I am feeling ever so slightly addicted and in need of a new project. There are so many possibilities.

I made a few mistakes on this cupboard and it has been through several transformations. At one point, it had white coving and gold hi-lights which was far too fussy, then I painted it back to grey, but the relief work didn’t really show up. Finally after some advise from my mentor I added a wash of watered down Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in Old White. Eventually, I am happy with it.

While I was struggling to get this cupboard right, I happened to be listening to a programme on the radio about the importance of making mistakes. The next day I saw a quote on Pinterest which read “mistakes are proof you are trying”. So, instead of feeling frustrated about my mistakes, I have actually ended up feeling quite self righteous!Pine CupboardRelief StencillingWhite wash

grey close upgrey9You can find it here





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