I am a big fan of a little bit of mismatching. Last year when I still had the shop, I went in search of a some sets of vintage champagne glasses at an antique market. I had a conversation with a dealer about all of the odd glasses which she owned and couldn’t sell. She told me that in her house on Christmas morning she puts a selection of mismatched vintage champagne glasses on a tray and in her opinion they looked so much more interesting. Ok, now maybe she was a good saleswoman, but I think she had a point. When you think about all the lovely things which are discarded because they don’t match, because they are no longer part of a full set.

Mismatched chairs look fantastic around a dining table. I actually love a completely mismatched grouping, but here I have unified the chairs by using a cool colour palette with a soft white stencilled motif.

Each chair has been painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in Aubusson, Provence and Greek Blue. Remember there is no need to prepare the surface of the wood other than wiping down to remove grease and dust.

I used the Janpath, Jodhpur and Kota stencils which work well together as they are all the same size. The stencil designs were painted with Original which is a lovely soft creamy white. You could also reverse the colour and paint the chair in Original with a coloured stencil on top. I suppose that really the point with mismatching is that the rules don’t really apply, you can do what you want!

3 chairs A 23 chairs close 2

kota jophpur janpath