Stencilled Tea Towels

Whilst at college, I studied Textile Design, specialising in print. Decoration has always inspired me and I have a strong urge to create pattern.  Once upon a time I was actually quite good at screen printing, now find that my anxiety levels rise with each wasted T-shirt or tea towel ruined by a blob of ink here or a smudge there. Something which should be a therapeutic process, becomes a source of frustration and disappointment.

Today I decided to try stencilling some tea towels instead and the results were both successful and therapeutic! The process isn’t as quick as printing, although I find it more controllable. Some people use mini rollers when stencilling fabric, but I used my trusty stencil brush along with a selection of stencils from my range. The layout of the designs was built up gradually.

Once the ink has been fixed, they will be ready for drying the dishes. Fit for purpose and looking good!

towel 6towel 3towel 2towels 5
towels 1



  1. Very nice i love the patterns. Did you make them yourself? I am working in somthing with a similar feel to them. Great job and very inspiring

  2. Thank you. Yes I design the stencils myself. Mostly they are inspired by my travels in India.

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