A Fair Trade?

My son and I struggled to carry this beautiful piece of furniture to the car. We collected it from a house with a very long path in the front garden and we had to collect it quickly in order to make space for the owner’s Christmas tree. I presented a bottle of Prosecco in exchange for the bureau and it’s quick removal! It seemed like a very good deal to me.

It was painted with a shiny Mahogany coloured varnish and I knew immediately I wanted to paint it a really deep Graphite colour. I gave it a coat of slightly watered down paint on the exterior and mixed a greyed off neutral for the interior. Initially my plan was to stencil the desk top in the dark Graphite colour for a really graphic contrast, but at the last minute I decided to take a more subtle approach, using a soft pearlised white stencil paint instead. I like the fact that from some angles you barely see the stencilling and then when the light catches it you see the soft shimmer of the pattern.

It has been named the Laxmi Writing Bureau.

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