A Little Relief

It is actually very rare for me to work on a piece of furniture which I am not intending to sell but in truth I had actually run out of pieces to paint. Visits to all of my usual outlets proved fruitless and so I had to look closer to home, to my son’s bedroom in fact!

For this project I have used 3D stencil paste which gives a lovely relief effect. The stencil paste takes a few hours to dry, especially if it is applied thickly and so the whole process takes longer and requires more patience. The effect is really stunning though and it can turn something very simple into something very special.

Once completely dry I painted the whole piece in white and now it is ready to return to it’s rightful place next to my son’s bed.

cupboard 2releif cupboard 8releif cupboard 4Relief cupboard 2


  1. Thank you. Yes, you are right, the stencils I used were all inspired by my travels in India!

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