Half Of A Little Pot Of Paint

In preparation for the launch of my new range of stencil paints, I have been testing the coverage you can achieve from one pot of the paint. I took the opportunity to eventually work on a chest of drawers which is in my bedroom and which I have been planning to stencil for a very long time!

As my regular readers will know, I have a love of Indian bone in-lay furniture which is quite rightly very expensive (based on the skill and time required to make it!) Using some of my border stencils, including a new trailing flower stencil, I decided to create my own homage to the work created by these master craftsmen.

Here is the finished piece. Even I was surprised by the fact that it only took half of the little pot of paint to achieve it!

These are the stencils which I used

Pondicherry Stencil

Rajasthan Stencil

Neemrana Stencil
inlay 11inlay 7inlay 12
inlay 10inlay 9inlay 3inlay 13inlay 2inlay 13