Reloved Magazine, an Ikea Hack and a lot of Stencils

One of the things I love about stencils, is the ability to transform the appearance of a surface. In my latest piece for Reloved Magazine I reinvented five Ikea Step Stools,  using a selection of my stencils and stencil paints.

The stools are cheap and offer a perfect blank canvas to take pattern. Instead of painting the whole stool, I applied a dark wood stain using a cotton cloth, and then added the stencil designs. The sides of each of the steps were then painted in a solid colour adding weight and balance.

Initially, I assembled one of the stools before working on it, but this proved to be a mistake, it was tricky manoeuvring the stencil around the legs when working on the bottom step. The other pieces were all assembled once the painting was complete!

There are many more possibilities with these step stools and I could have continued all day with different designs, but five was probably enough!

Or was it………..

You can find the stencil paint and the stencils here
MaterialsUntreated Step StoolWood Staining 2stencillingstencilling2Step Stool PurbeckSouthwoldPendeen StoolHastingsPainted BorderStep stools 7S