How To Create An Ombre Effect

I have been meaning to create a YouTube channel for so long, it’s been one of those things on my mental list which never quite makes it to the top. For some reason this morning though, it pushed it’s way right up there and so whilst eating my porridge I signed up and uploaded my first video, which I am sharing here on the blog. A good start to the day!

This little film shows how to create an ombre effect using one stencil, two pots of paint and two stencil brushes. The trick to creating an ombre effect is to use very little paint on the tip of the brush and to blend, blend, blend.

Apply one colour to the bottom third of the stencil and the other colour to the top third, overlapping the colours in the middle third. Using a circular motion with the brush gently blend the colours to create a lovely soft gradation.

I used the Jaipur Stencil here, which is an Indian inspired motif , but this technique works equally well with repeating patterns.

Now I have actually created the You Tube Channel I will be adding lots more videos with demonstrations and tips for stencilling.