A Stencil and a Whitewash

A friend of mine called me a while ago suggesting that I might want to take a look at some pieces of furniture left in his neighbour’s empty house. He had been helping to clear the contents and most had already been removed, but this chest of drawers stood forlornly in the spare bedroom. In need of both love and reinvention, it was due to be cleared the next day and so we bundled it into my car.

Before painting could begin, it needed a really good clean. Covered with dust and housing several varieties of spider, it was in a bit of a state!

Once clean, I painted the top, base and draw fronts (including the pullers) in a lovely soft grey. The sides were painted with a really watery whitewash. The pattern was then applied using the Kasbah Stencil and Whitstable Stencil paint, before painting another coat of whitewash. Finally I painted a couple of coats of matt finish, water based varnish onto the whole piece.

I don’t know where this chest of drawers began it’s life, but I know where it nearly ended. It has now left North London for a new life,  in it’s new guise,  175 miles away in the east of England.

You can find the Kasbah Stencil here and the Whitstable Stencil paint here_DSC0292_DSC0295_DSC0297kasbah sideKasbah Full Sidekasbah cornerKasbah Chest