Magazine Features and Mentions

Reloved Magazine October 2015

Stencilled Step Stools

Scan 7Scan 6Scan 8

Country Living Magazine May 2015

EmporiumScan 24Scan 5[1]


Reloved Magazine April 2015

Stencilled Tablecloth

Scan 13Scan 16Scan 14

Chorleywood Magazine March 2015

Interior Motifs

Scan 25 Scan 26


Reloved Magazine January 2015

Relief Stencil Cupboard

Scan 15Scan 18Scan 17

Reloved 2015 Calendar

Scan 19Scan 20

Reloved Magazine June 2014

Stencilled Bowls

Scan 21Scan 22Scan 23

Reloved Magazine Autumn 2013

Stencilled Chair

Scan 9Scan 10Scan 12Scan 11

Optima Magazine April 2014

A Creative HeartScan 27Scan 28Scan 29Scan 30


Fantastic Sites and Blogs which have featured my posts

Apartment Therapy

Pattern Pulp

all about you

Roadkill Rescue

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