Etsy Edit – Antique Indian Tribal Jewelry

On my first trip to India, over 20 years ago, I was lucky enough to be driven to Jaipur to visit a batik workshop. The road from Delhi, at that time was not the modern dual carriage way which it is today and the the journey was long. Before we arrived I had considered the fact that I may not actually make it back alive. It was without a doubt the most terrifying journey of my life and I actually took to closing my eyes each time we approached another over taking lorry on our side of the road!

However it was also one of the most beautiful journeys I have been on. I will never forget the sight of the Rajasthani women working in the fields and on the road side wearing the most beautifully coloured saris and laden with heavy silver jewelry.

Here is a selection of antique Indian tribal jewelry, all of which can be found on Etsy