My First Stockist

Yesterday I installed my furniture at Wye Valley Reclamation&Warehouse 701 in Hereford.

I set off early anticipating that I would drop the furniture off, have a lovely lunch with my sister and then stock up on more furniture, before heading back down the motorway ahead of the rush hour traffic.

In retrospect, I now know that was a highly ambitious plan and in reality we grabbed a quick prawn mayo sandwich from a local garage at 2pm. We ate in the car in the pouring rain with steamed up windows.  After a very quick scan of a couple of furniture shops, I set off at 4pm and hit the motorway at exactly 5pm!

In spite of that, it was a great day, we met lovely people and it was very exciting to see my furniture in situ (slightly dwarfed by the height of the ceilings).

I photographed some of the reclamation treasures as well, which you can see below the photos of my work.


A wander around the reclamation rooms