Etsy Edit – Ethnic Textiles

I have been a total sucker for a beautiful ethnic textile for most of my adult life. It began when I was studying textile design at college, but my passion really exploded when I went on my first business trip to India. On my return home, my suitcase was overflowing with gorgeous pieces which I had bought and still cherish 20 years on.

If I was a woman of means, I would travel the world collecting and preserving these amazing works of art (and I do consider them to be works of art!). The skill and patience which is involved in their creation, the painstaking yarn dying, weaving, stitching, embroidering, appliqueing and beading is quite incredible. When I see a new piece it really does make my heart sing and let out an internal ‘oooh’.

Here is a small selection of pieces which are available on Etsy

il_570xN.396380031_o6jefrom Kulshi Mumkin, you can find it here

il_570xN.293471141from Afghan Tribal Arts, you can find it here

il_570xN.471412327_jx5wfrom  Wovensouls, you can find it here

il_570xN.478604873_agd3from Dell Shop, you can find it here

il_570xN.408254441_k0g8from Jaisalmer Handloom, you can find it here