Etsy Edit – The Blocks

When I traveled regularly to India, I would always bring home at least a couple of old wooden blocks which I bought from the little shops along Janpath in Delhi. I have a basket full of them and very beautiful they are too.

There are lots of new wood blocks available, but there is something about the quality and the weight of vintage blocks. There is a history to them, many hands will have held them and they will have printed many lengths of fabric.

Sometimes they have little bits which are broken, they become a little gnarled and they won’t print as crisply as they once did, but they have transcended their original purpose, to become a thing of beauty in their own right.

Here are a few which are available on Etsy

il_570xN.481546613_p39hfrom Heritage Collectible, you can find it here

il_570xN.470131712_m864from Daisy In The Green, you can find it here

il_570xN.416227701_6hn2from Brocante Art, you can find it here

il_570xN.335093922from Indian Gujarat Mirror, you can find it here

il_570xN.473437828_3ljcfrom French Vintage Textile, you can find it here