The Launch

At 3pm on Saturday afternoon I had a launch party at the shop. At 11pm on Friday night  my mum, dad and I were busy collating the information packs, carefully paper clipping the mini Jaipur stencils onto the postcards, whilst my partner worked on the playlist until 1:30am.

At 1pm I stood quietly alone in the shop, everything was under control, the wine was chilling, the information packs stood erect in long lines, the email sign up sheets waited in anticipation on the clip boards and photos of the shop had been taken. I hadn’t made it to the nail bar and I hadn’t managed to sort my hair out, but the shop looked good and I was ready. I did have my heels in a carrier bag waiting underneath my desk!

Lots of lovely people turned up, family and friends and a lot of people I had never met before. I met a lovely woman who is a gilder (I have asked her to run some workshops in the new year). At one point the shop was so packed you couldn’t move and you certainly couldn’t hear the music! Gradually people started drifting away and suddenly I thought ‘photos!!!!’

Here are a few from the beginning and the end. The middle bit was far too hectic to remember to record it.

_DSC0094_DSC0103  _DSC0099_DSC0091 _DSC0095_DSC0121IMG_0386_DSC0109 _DSC0128_DSC0114



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