A Folky Desk

Often when I find a piece of furniture I am absolutely not looking for it, I think you often find things when you are not looking for them.

I actually set out to buy food, which I did, but I also returned with a child’s vintage desk!

There is definitely a case for not painting some pieces, but this one was in a bit of a state. I deliberated over what colour to paint it and for reasons which I am not completely clear about, I decided to go with a folky feel and so it had to be red,  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in Emperor’s Silk to be precise.

It was pretty dirty and so the first job was to wash it down and remove the stickers (which took an age!) I applied two coats of paint and then waxed it, before adding the stencil motif. I cut this stencil by hand in my studio a while ago, it isn’t one which I have put into production, but every time I use it, I love the results. When using a motif like this, I always measure the centre to make sure it is accurately positioned.

Here it is reinvented and ready for it’s new home.

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