Noteworthy Notebooks

I love an interesting notebook and own a bit of a collection. I notice the books people use in meetings and often give them as gifts. This year I am going to be giving them as stocking fillers and plan to bundle up a group of books with different designs, neatly tied together with gardeners twine.

A while ago I tried to screen print some books, but it wasn’t very successful, there was too much wastage and so I turned to my stencils. Stencilling notebooks is ridiculously easy and quick and you can buy plain notebooks very cheaply.

book bundle

If you fancy having a go, here is how:-


You will need

Plain notebooks

Piece of paper


Stencils Brush

Spray adhesive or low tack tape

Stencil paint (I have used metallic gold for a Christmassy feel)

How To

Place the plain paper underneath the front cover, in order to protect the pages inside the book.

Place the stencil in position on the cover of the notebook, using either spray adhesive or low tack tape to hold it in position. If using adhesive, spray the back of the stencil very lightly and allow to dry for a few seconds. You can play around with where to position the stencil and can use a section of a large stencil, as I have done

Dip the end of the brush in the paint and remove any excess on the lid of the pot, or onto a paper towel. It is important not overload the brush in order to prevent the paint from bleeding underneath the stencil.

Gently push the paint through the stencil using a soft circular motion.

Carefully remove the stencil.

books book 3 desk 4 book stencils book stencil 2 finished books