Best Laid Plans

Last week I made a trip up to my parents house to collect two vintage bureaux which they
had bought and were storing in their lock up. The plan was to arrive for lunch, stencil some cupboards in the freshly decorated guest room, load the car with the two pieces of furniture, and drive home the following morning….

I did arrive for lunch and I drove home the following morning, but the bit about stencilling the cupboards or even loading the two pieces of furniture went slightly awry!

We made the fatal error of just popping to the furniture warehouse after lunch. The result being that I bought four gorgeous Priory chairs for my own home. After much wrestling with the furniture my dad and I eventually conceded that although my beaten up old car  possesses Tardis like qualities, there are limits!

The bureau which I did mange to bring home was painted and stencilled the following day. The exterior is a lovely soft grey and the drop down desk is stencilled using the Kota, Jaipur and Neemrana stencils. By late Saturday morning it was safely installed in my unit at Hertfordshire Craft Collective, by late Saturday afternoon it was sold!

Needless to say another trip is planned for the near future to collect the remaining bureau.


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