When I bought this chest of drawers it had been painted with white gloss paint and removing the handles revealed that originally it was a cream colour. I decided on grey paint with white stencilling on the drawers and gave it a bit of a bone in-lay vibe using the Rajasthan and Neemrana Border stencils.

The drawer pulls were not original and one of rings was missing, so they all needed to be replaced and I chose a lovely white ceramic handle with a grey crackle effect.

Hopefully the drawers will stay like this for some time, although at some point in the future somebody else may well paint them again. There is something intriguing about that, what will the next transformation look like? I don’t really mind that my work may be painted over in the future, it is all in the spirit of conserving our resources, being less wasteful and re-inventing.

Admittedly, I have stencilled my name and the Jaipur stencil on the back though, so maybe I mind a little bit…….

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    1. Thanks Kim, it’s for sale, but I’d quite like to keep this one for myself!!

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