Stencilled Loud and Proud

I have been a little restrained with some of the pieces of furniture I have stencilled recently, only adding subtle pattern to the interiors of cupboards. My latest piece however has been stencilled loud and proud giving i a contemporary Scandinavian vibe.

The cupboard was a little the worse for wear with stains and chipped veneers, so I decided to paint the whole thing, mixing a lovely greyed off pale blue colour. Before adding the pattern I painted the whole piece with a very matt varnish. The paint is then protected and any mistakes with the stencilling can be quickly wiped away with a damp cloth.

I don’t usually plan the pattern in advance, I just build up the design gradually using a selection of stencils, but I do usually begin the design on the outside edge working inwards.

The stencils I used for this project were the Bergen Border Stencil, Lund Stencil and Mini Triangles with the Whitstable Stencil paintIMG_3201cupboard 5cupboard 6cupboard 4blue cupboardCupboard 2cupboard 8



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