Orange Varnish, Matt Varnish and Bright Red Nail Varnish

Whilst walking back from the gym early last week in the pouring rain, I spotted this cupboard in the window of a shop. For me, it presented the perfect blank canvas for a spot of upcycling. It is a solid pine cabinet which is really useful with lots of space for storage and display and it would look good in most rooms in a house.

However, and it is a big however, it had been painted with a shiny bright orange varnish!

I rarely choose white when painting furniture, but for this piece I went for a lovely clean, fresh vibe, maybe because spring is just around the corner. Once the paint was dry I gave it a couple of coats of matt varnish. Finally I stencilled the interior using the Kasbah Stencil and my Whitstable Stencil Paint.

I began this project with perfectly painted red nails but by the time I began stencilling, the only varnish remaining was that used on the cabinet. Never have a manicure before painting a cabinet!

You can find the Granada Cabinet here and if you fancy having a go yourself, then you can find the Kasbah Stencil here



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