A Stencil Kit

At the Handmade Fair earlier this year I sold some stencil kits which had been hurriedly assembled, they had a good reaction and so stencil kits moved up my list of things to do.

Inevitably these things take longer to develop than expected. There is the sourcing of the boxes, the photography, writing the instructions and the contents info, the sticky labels for the base to be printed, the design for the lid of the box and finally there is the packing…….

After ordering a lot of different samples of boxes, typically I chose the most expensive, because it is the most special and rather than have the lids printed, I have chosen to individually stencil each one, including the logo (nothing like being true to your brand!). Each kit contains a stencil, a brush and a pot of stencil paint. The brush and paint are wrapped in black tissue paper and there are illustrated tips on how to stencil and ideas for projects.

Any business advisor would tell me to think again, have the lids printed, don’t individually wrap the brushes and paint, but basically I have created what I would love to receive and though it may not be the most commercial way to create a kit, they are very lovely and just how I imagined them to be.


You can find the Mini Kota Stencil Kit here and the Jaipur Stencil Kit here

jaipur-kit packing-2jaipur-kit-interior
lifting-jaipur t-shirt jaipur-stencil-windowbox notebooksmini-kota-kit-2mini-kota-kit-insidelifting-minitotoekota-notebookskota-box-2