A Battered Box From Brick Lane Market

A couple of weeks ago on a rainy Sunday afternoon we took a trip into Shoreditch and had a mooch around Brick Lane market. Tucked away in the corner of a junk shop, on it’s side and looking like it had been there for years,  sat this very tired looking box. It was filthy and the shopkeeper looked mildly surprised when I offered up my money, “I have plans for it” I explained. It sat conspicuously on my lap for the duration of the tube journey home and I had a definite sense that some people were wondering why I was bothering. However, like I said, I had plans for it.

After a deep clean with a bottle of Flash, I painted and waxed the exterior surfaces which provided the perfect base for the pattern. Using the Souk Stencil and the Purbeck Stencil Paint I covered all surfaces adding a single narrow border with the Mini Triangles around the top. It is actually a Christmas present for somebody special, but I would so love to keep it myself!

You can find the Souk Stencil here and the Purbeck Stencil Paint here

before before-close painted-box stencil-boxsouk-side-boxsouk-and-feet