A Room Of One’s Own

I was recently asked to do an interview for Reloved Magazine about my studio space which is at the end of my suburban garden.

When we had it built, I was designing full time in London and so it was going to be a luxury to have a creative space at then end of the garden, now of course it is an absolute necessity.

In truth I have outgrown the studio and struggle to find space to paint furniture, but it is quite incredible just how much stuff is packed in to such a tiny space. I try really hard to keep it tidy and organised but have to admit that there are times when it looks like an absolute disaster zone! That said, it is such a precious, special place for me and I feel incredibly lucky to have it. When working in that little room, I can become totally lost in my work and anybody approaching knows to cough loudly before entering!



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  1. I’m experiencing a serious attack of Shed Envy. What a wonderful space! Thanks for sharing, Nicolette.

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