Beautiful Books

I have been collecting beautiful books since I left college and I was actually able to afford to buy them. My shelves are completely overloaded and I really need to have some more built.

Here is a small selection of my favorites. Some, I have owned for years and some are new additions, all of them are beautiful.

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  1. Love the books and enjoy following your blog.
    I make furniture and various other items from reclaimed timber and other recycled/upcycled materials.
    I have done some shelving before, maybe we should talk!

  2. Hi,
    thanks for your comment and really glad you are enjoying the blog.
    Do you have any of your furniture on-line?

    1. Hi,
      I am on face book under John-Paul Stevens and I have a business page as Good hews.
      There are pictures on there of some things I have made.
      Still have to upload more images!

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