A Few Thoughts

My partner bought me a pack of ‘Oblique Strategies’ for my birthday last year and I have become quite addicted to them. They were designed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt to help creative people free themselves from the curse of the creative block. I must admit I don’t really use them for that, but more as encouragement to spur me on when I am feeling a bit uncertain about following my creative dreams.

There are around 100 cards to choose from, but I have included just a few which have particularly resonated with me. I return to the ‘Just carry on’ card time and time again when I don’t feel as though things are going well. Funnily enough the advice is very similar to that given to me by my tutor when I graduated from art college, he said ‘just keep working’. So simple and yet so true.

My teenage son pulled a card a little while ago which read ‘Tidy up’!

I hope some of these ideas inspire you as much as they do me.

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  1. Very cool. I picked up a funny little diary/journal by Brian Eno some years ago that I seem to keep holding onto because it’s somehow intriguing and inspiring. I can see the appeal of his “oblique strategies”.

  2. I heard the radio program too… now it’s inspired me to finally start a blog! I’m still a ‘beginner blogger’ though, still finding my way around wordpress. Forgive me if I make any rookie errors.

    1. Hi Ellie, thanks for your comment.
      I missed the programme as I was teaching, but will listen to it this week. We are all beginners when we start. I am only a few months ahead of you!

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